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GOALONDO STEAMER CHICKEN CURRY - A rustic simplicity from Bangladesh

After a series of those heart throbbing desserts let me share something different today. But don't you worry, the dessert posts will still continue until Christmas as promised:D
Goalondo Chicken Curry. Have you heard this name before? Me, never! It was new to me until I came across the recipe
and the name of this in a food forum. And then, when I searched on the web there were almost or should I say countless recipes of this similar dish. Hard to say which one is more authentic than the other.
I borrowed this recipe from my friend and founder of a very renowned food forum Ms Purna Chowdhury. Ms Chowdhury is an avid recipe writer and a specialist in Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine. Her roots in the East Bengal and immense knowledge in food history certifies the authenticity of this legendary dish. My warmest thanks to her for sharing this magical dish! 

Goalondo Steamer Chicken  from Bangladesh perhaps comes with a story too. Goalondo Ghat is a jetty in Bangladesh (East Bengal) where this curry was cooked by the muslim boatmen's of the "Goalondo-Narayanganj Steamer" route which sailed overnight from Goalondo Ghat to Narayanganj in Dhaka  in the Pre-Independence era.
The beauty of this dish is it's simplicity. Since it was cooked on board, only fresh chicken and very basic ingredients and spices were used. Mustard oil was the sole medium for cooking as those rustic, poor mariners knew no other. The wafting aroma, and the deliciousness of this fiery  dish was yet overriding. This dish which these boatmen would cook for themselves, soon became very popular amongst the passengers too. 

You will need :

1 Kilo small size whole chicken (skin off) -  freshly cut into pieces
7-8 tablespoons of mustard oil (no other oil is recommended, if you want to achieve that authentic taste and texture)
7-8 Red onions coarsely chopped
4-5 tablespoons of chopped fresh garlic
2-3 tablespoons of fresh ginger chopped
Turmeric powder (haldi) - 1-11/2 teaspoon
Fresh Red Chilli Chopped (not dried red chilli) - 4-5 or as many as you dare! You may even add fresh green chillies in addition to red chillies. But please do not add any chilli powder, water or souring agent such as tomatoes, yogurt etc)


Step1: Now marinate all ingredients above and set aside for 30 minutes or more if time permits.

Step 2: Preheat a deep bottomed vessel or a kadhai (with a tight fitted lid). 

Step 3: Add the marinated chicken along with spices and juices. Cook on high for about 7-8 minutes while the chicken starts to sizzle.

Step 4: Now simmer the flame, cover and slow cook until you see a thin reddish gravy/juice appearing with the oil starting to float on top. The juice thus formed is mostly from the chicken, mustard oil and the onion.

Note: There is no need to add water as the meat gets cooked in its own juice along with all the juices released by the onions. That's the magic of slow cooking where all the flavours slowly mingle together to deliver the mega taste. This will also ensure that the chicken is cooked through and through.

This is one such dish where with very little you can achieve a lot more. Serve this only with steaming hot rice, enjoy and fall in love!

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  1. my mouth is watering looking at the pics... thanks for the recipe...

    1. Thanks Amina for your lovely comment. I hope you get to try it out at some point in time:)


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