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Chocolate Pancake with Coffee Cream

Are you thinking of treating your dear ones a mouthful. Try this old classic with a clever twist. These soft and delicious pancakes make a 'special weekend breakfast' or a great 'after dinner dessert'. Hosting a dinner party? surprise your guests with this elegant yet  so 'easy to make' dessert !
To make 6  large chocolate pancakes you will need :

1 cup plain or self raising (cake flour)flour
1 egg
1 cup milk (add a bit more to get the right consistency if needed)
3 tablespoon of cocoa powder
3 tablespoons of caster sugar
1/3 cup butter, unsalted
1/4 teaspoon of salt
few drops of vanilla essence
Extra butter for greasing your pan
pastry brush
a large bowl and a balloon whisk for mixing, a small ladle or a measuring cup (1/3 cup measurement) for pouring the batter on the pan.
Alternatively you can mix all ingredients in one glass jar and pour it in batches on to the hot pan.


Step 1: Mix all flour, cocoa powder and salt and sift it with a strainer to remove lumps.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl and whisk nicely to form a smooth batter. The batter needs to be runny and of pouring consistency but not too thin. You can hand whisk the batter if you like or use a food processor or blender to make the batter ultra smooth. Make sure there are no lumps in the batter. You can make your pancakes thin  or slightly thicker, large or small, your choice.
As you can see my pancakes are thinner and crispier on the edges and soft and fluffy in the centre as I like mine that way.
Step 2: Heat a pan on medium flame and grease it with some butter using a pastry brush.
Step 3: Pour batter in badges using a ladle or a  small measuring cup (1/3 cup) and quickly swirl the pan for the batter to spread smoothly. When the pan cake is cooked you will see small bubbles forming on the surface as seen in the picture. The edges will also start leaving the sides of the pan. If they stick on to the sides use a small knife to scrap gently and then flip the pancake on to the other side. Gently press the pancake for 1 min or so  and serve it on a plate. All done! For thicker pancakes use more batter.

Step 4: Spread your pancake with some nutella, jam or melted chocolate.

Step 5 : Top it up with some chantilly/ whipped cream, fruits of your choice and drizzle some melted chocolate, or toppings of your choice for special effects. I used melted chocolate and strawberry sauce. Fold and serve with some extra cream or ice cream whatever you fancy.


I have used my Chantilly Cream recipe here and added 2 tablespoon of coffee liquor ( mix some instant coffee with hot water, and let it cool down before you add it to the whipped cream) to it to make a coffee flavoured cream. Adding coffee is absolutely optional and you can use either simple whipped cream, ice-cream or yoghurt (for a healthy touch) to go with it.

To make the pancakes extra rich you may add some chocolate chips in the batter.

So there you go! Your chocolate pancake with coffee cream is all ready to be savoured. Enjoy and have  good day!

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Take care !

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