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Once your baby has graduated into root vegetables (such as pumpkin, carrot, parsnips, sweet potatoes) say around 7-9 months it is safe to introduce some new flavours. Cream corn make great first food due to it's nutritional value and it's naturally sweet flavour. Cream corn is usually made by cooking corn kernels with water and pureeing it in a food processor. For more creamy texture you may even want to pass it through a sieve. Use only good quality corn kernels that look bright in colour and plump. Frozen corn kernels are great to be used in these recipes. I wouldn't recommend canned corns as they are low in nutritional protein and can contain sugar in salt.
Corns like other new food can cause allergies, or digestive discomfort in some babies. especially if your baby has eczema or allergies or there is a family history of the same. It is always recommended to seek advice of your family doctor or child health nurse before introducing any new food into your babies diet. Please note that this recipes have been tried and tasted with my two toddlers ( at 6 months age) and are ideas only. This however does not replace any medical advice. Never ever offer your baby whole corn kernels as that can cause choking hazards. Puree is the best.
Sweet Corn bring in a lot of nutrients such as protein, vitamins (include vitamin C), folate, dietery fibre and beta-carotene. Remember to introduce any new food in small quantity one at a time ( on it's own and not mixing with any others such as chicken or veggies) and wait for atleast 3 days to watch your baby. If your baby does not develop any allergies or other problems related to digestion etc offer it for the second time.

You will need :

1/4 cup sweet corn kernels
1/2 cup plain water ( you may use chicken stock for older babies )
1 tablespoon of rice or baby rice cereal (optional)
1/4 cup diced chicken breast/minced chicken (boneless)
Extra virgin olive oil (EVO) to serve.
Take all ingredients in a saucepan except EVO and allow to cook over gentle heat. Once cooked allow to cool and then blend to a puree. For a mixed texture at around 7-8 months you may remove few chicken bits after cooking and try grating or even shredding on the puree. Adding rice to the puree will make it filling and add body. Alternatively you may even add iron fortified baby rice cereal. In that case cook all ingredients excepting rice and EVO and then mix baby cereal and serve. Drizzle EVO before serving.

Try adding grated zucchini, carrot for added texture and give it a more healthy boost. Adding sweet potatoes, pumpkins are a great idea too.

Notes: Any excess puree can be frozen in  an airtight containers suitable for freezing baby food. Always allow the food to cool down before freezing and use within 24 hours. You may defrost and reheat in microwave when needed. Always discard any uneaten purees or food and never ever re-offer it to your baby the second time. The saliva mixed with the food gets contaminated with bacteria and your baby can be seriously ill if fed. I have never frozen baby foods and always preferred to make them fresh in small quatity. For more tips on food safety visit this page

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