Tuesday 30 June 2015


Baking always needs to be simpler, for me at least. I like to use simple ingredients, easily available in my pantry. These days
 we crave a lot for a little, if not more, after dinner dessert. A little sweet treat  especially in this chilling months is so comforting. Hence, always on the look out for some simple dessert ideas that are easy to make, and not too hard on the wallet.

Bread and Butter pudding is an old-fashioned british style pudding, where layers of buttered bread is baked along with  egg, milk and sugar mixture.
Studded with golden sultanas this deliciously simple dessert has both the crunchiness of bread on the outside and creamy custard inside. Warm and comforting winter dessert, although I like it with some pure vanilla ice-cream or some simple whipped cream. Yummm !!
Traditionally the custard is flavoured with nutmeg and vanilla, however you may choose to use cinnamon too. I have used all three:), Instead of sultanas you may use any other dry fruits, nuts, dried cranberries are great too.
This easy pudding is an excellent way to use up any old, stale and rustic bread, makes a hearty treat for your lil ones as well with the goodness of milk, fruits and of course ice-cream.
You will need :
6-8 thin slices white bread (a day old is better for the right texture)
40 grams of unsalted butter, softened
4 eggs
1/3 cup of caster sugar
3-1/2 cups of milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract/essence
1/2 cup sultanas
ground cinnamon and nutmeg (may use any one)
Equipment needed: A balloon whisk, or electric whisk is good enough to whisk the custard. A large bowl, a pallete or butterknife.


STEP 1:Preheat Oven to 160/140 degrees celsius fan-forced

STEP 2: Trim crust from bread

STEP 3:Butter each slice

STEP: 4: and then cut each slice into 4 triangles.

STEP 5: Arrange  the triangles in two rows, butter side up, overlapping slightly, to form an even base. you may sprinkle some sultanas in between layers.

STEP 6: Centre another row of triangles over the first two rows, with triangles facing the opposite directions to triangles in the first layer.

STEP 7:In a bowl, or food processor (with whisk attachment) add egg, sugar, milk , ground spices, vanilla and whisk until combined. You may use a simple balloon/wire whisk and a large enough bowl to whisk the custard mixture.

STEP 8: Now pour half the custard on the bread. Stand for 10 mins. 

Whisk custard mixture again, add sultanas to the rest of the custard, and pour it into the dish. Sprinkle with little more nutmeg and cinnamon. Give your bread and custard mixture a good but gentle press with the back of a spoon, for the bread slices to soak evenly into the milk mixture.

STEP 9:Stand dish in larger baking dish, add enough boiling water to the baking dish, to come half way upside of the custard filled dish. see picture below. 

Slide this assemblage into the oven, bake for 50 mins, until custard is set.

Serve it up with  stewed fruit, ice cream or whipped cream.


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