Wednesday 5 November 2014


It is with sheer joy and excitement that today I am  sharing this beautiful post. As exactly 12 months ago I started my journey right here with all of you. It is amazing how time flies and sometimes we sit back and think where did all that time go! In the kitchen  perhaps, cooking and clicking :D

Yup, you got that right? It is my Blog's 1st Anniversary. Yayyy!!! EAT as you LIKE completes it's first milestone on the 1st of November 2014. Indeed a very special moment as this reflects my passion, a lot of hard work and dedication, a feeling of accomplishment and most of  all the love and care that I have received from my lovely readers..

Life over the past 12 months have been very challenging. It is sometimes very hard (almost a strenuous effort) to strike  a balance between passion and priorities, and gets even harder if you set a goal for yourself. I am really grateful to life, my immediate family and of course you to support me in this journey. This milestone would have been just impossible otherwise!

It was just 12 months ago, I knew nothing about blogging, had no connections in the blogger's world and didn't even knew where and how to start. Thanks to those many sleepless nights and Google's tutorials that I could create this space for my self and for you.And more so it feels fantastic to  have written and published 40 recipes in the last one year. I know, that this is not a meritorious number but that is all I could do with two toddlers on toe and I am proud of this achievement. I believe quality is better than quantity. For me this is overwhelming and a very happy reason to celebrate.

Food Blogging unfolded yet another creative side of me. Food Photography! Yes, all food photographs that you see on my blog are clicked and edited by "yours truly". Being a self taught (and a striving) photographer am improving, making mistakes and learning something new everyday. My photographs are sometimes messy (which I like), hurried (something I do not like) as time is always very limited for me, but have always made an honest effort to give my food the best possible shot. Please feel free to share any constructive feedbacks to help me improve.

A journey of a food blogger does not just start or end with those pretty pictures. Trust me and for those of you who knows,  will agree it is a lot of hardwork. It needs a lot of time, passion and dedication as it does for any other endeavour. 

My 'Cheers' and 'Applause' to all those amazing food bloggers (including my fellow friends whom I virtually met on this amazing journey), food groups and pages,  you are doing an incredible job and inspiring a novice like me.

Thanks to my friends and family whoever supported me and my blog in various ways and helped it grow. And 'Thank You' to you, my readers for visiting and appreciating my blog, my passion and my hardwork. Am sooo happy you are here:)

In order to mark the milestone of the 1st Anniversary there will be series of posts exclusively on desserts until Christmas. So get ready to book mark a few as the festive season is just around the corner.

To start with here is a simple yet a classic dessert idea. You can make this in a breeze.. and it is an absolute stunner! Trust me. I know you do :)
Chocolate and Strawberry Sundae

It is a very simple recipe and just a guideline. Please feel free to use your imagination and substitute with any kind of fruit, cake, brownie  that is of your liking. This dessert is a perfect way to use any leftover cake crumbs!
To make 6 such sundaes you will need :
Chocolate cake (optional and can be substituted with hot chocolate sauce.)
2 litres of Vanilla/Or any other ice-cream of your choice. I have used Neapolitan (that has three flavours Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry)
18-20 pcs of  marshmallows
Strawberry (hulled and sliced length ways) /or any other fruits of your choice
Some mini M&Ms to decorate
Chocolate Wafer sticks to decorate
6 Ice-cream wafers (1 for each cup) to decorate
1/2 cup (small) crushed nuts (such as cashew, almonds, macademia whatever available)
Hot chocolate sauce (this can be substituted with melted chocolate)
Lets start with the HOT CHOCOLATE SAUCE first:
You will need :
100 grams of dark eating (not cooking) chocolate
1Cup (125 ml) thickened cream
a tiny pinch of salt 

Boil water (1/2 cup) in a saucepan and carefully place a bowl (clean ,dry) on top. Place chocolate on the bowl, start by melting the chocolate over low heat. Once the chocolate has melted add the cream and keep whisking and stirring gently until blended well and looks shiny. It should be of pouring consistency. Making sure that the hot chocolate sauce does not come in contact with the water underneath, remove carefully. Your chocolate sauce is ready.

If the consistency of the sauce gets thick overtime reheat gently once again.

As a substitute you may use melted chocolate, strawberry sauce/syrup, ready to use chocolate sauce or ganache (will share a recipe for ganache soon)

Now lets assemble the sundae:

Step 1: Place your clean dry sundae cups on the work surface

Step 2: Start with layers of strawberries as shown in the picture.. feel free to use your own imagination.

Step 2 : Add a layer of chocolate cake on top of the strawberries as in the pic. drizzle a layer of chocolate sauce.

Step 3: Some more fruit, (if you like), Top it with a scoop of icecream
Step 4 : Add another layer of cake followed by fruit some chocolate sauce,or marshmallows or as space permits.

Step 5: Top it up with two scoops of icecream. Dip or rinse your icecream scoop in warm water to scoop out frozen icecream with ease.

Step 6: To decorate place a few marshmallows, drizzle some chocolate sauce, sprinkle some crushed nuts,  mini M&Ms, ice cream wafers  or "go as you like!

If you do not prefer icecream, you may substitute icecream with frozen yogurt to make Yogurt Sundae. 

Enjoy !!

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