Tuesday 25 November 2014


Ganache is such a versatile sauce made from chocolate and cream. It can be used as a glaze, topping, icing, or even filling inside pastries. 

Today I bring to you a very basic recipe of Ganache. Depending on the purpose you may adjust the consistency (or thickness) by adding more or less cream.The base recipe for this Ganache is inspired
from Jamie's 15 minute meal. So simple and easy to do..great for the lil ones birthday parties..

Here follows the recipe : 

150 ml Thickened Cream
100 grams Dark Chocolate (70 % Cocoa)
a tiny pinch of salt
(1/4 table spoon) or a knob of butter

Step 1:Take a bowl or saucepan and put some water on boil,

Step 2:Place another saucepan on top and start by melting chocolate

Step 3:Once the chocolate has melted, add a knob of butter, pinch of salt and  cream.

Step 4 :Keep whipping and mixing until it looks  smooth and shiny, careful not to bring it in contact with water or else it will loose it's sheen.

The ganache will be quite runny when hot or warm.

Few things to note:

If you donot prefer too much dark chocolate , try adding good quality milk chocolate in 3:1 ratio to balance the bitterness from darkchocolate.

The thickness of the ganache acccording to the above recipe (when cool) is more of a dip or icing mix. If you would like it as a thicker topping on cupcakes or filling inside pastries you may whip it lightly until fluffy and spoon onto cupcakes or into pastries. Or simply use a piping kit to do the needful or to decorate your favourite cake.

For a glaze consistency you may warm the ganache on stove top or in microwave to achieve the desired pouring consistency..if required add more cream.

You may simply serve the Ganache in small cups/ shot glasses along with fruits,marshmallows and wafers. Great for all ages especially for kids parties. Or if you have a fondue set available serve the Ganache as a Hot Chocolate Fondue.


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  1. Indrani, Ganache is looking so smooth and silky. It's not an easy job to achieve that shiny glamour in ganache. You've nailed it girl, Congrats on that!!!


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