Thursday 8 January 2015


Spanish Onion or Red Onion marmalade is made from thinly sliced and slow cooked red onions which is caramelized in  butter, olive oil, garlic and good quality red wine.

This beautiful condiment, chutney or jam is just perfect to add a delicious twist to your favourite burgers, wraps, pasta dishes or can be enjoyed just as a topping on a crusty bread or cracker.. serve them as a side to your favourite grilled fish or stuff them into a tender and succulent chicken breast, the list is endless. Curious to know what I did ??.. will share my Christmas special chicken recipe soon with you all, so stay tuned! Till then lets take a look at how to make this delicious marmalade or chutney. 

The recipe is dead simple and  the marmalade can be stored into a clean airtight container. Cool and refrigerate.

I have used:
5  medium Red/Spanish onions thinly sliced

1 fat clove of garlic crushed
2-3 tablespoon of extra virgin or just olive oil
2 tablespoon of light soya sauce
1/4 cup red wine
2-3 tablespoons of cranberry sauce/jam/juice
juice of half a lemon.

In a thick bottomed pan or sauce pan add butter and olive oil, put it on gentle heat.Wait for the butter to foam up.

Add the sliced onions.

Slow cook and allow the onions to soften or sweat turning occasionally. cover and slow cook on low medium flame.

once the onion has softened like you see in the picture above, now add the crushed garlic, and soya sauce.

Add the red wine, and cranberry sauce (see notes below). Give everything a good stir and mix and allow to slow cook for another few minutes until the moisture or onion juices have almost evaporated leaving the onions soft and moist.


Finish with lemon juice and mix well.. do a taste test adjust seasoning if required. Remove from heat.

Notes: if you do not have Cranberry sauce/jam available you may substitute that with some red wine vinegar and brown sugar.In that case there is no need to use lemon juice or use it judiciously as an option after a taste test. Use of Cranberry jam imparts a beautiful fruity flavor to the marmalade.

Your Spanish Onion marmalade is now ready to be used as your favorite condiment. It is a staple in my home. Add it to your favorite hot dogs, terrines or sandwiches..

See ya soon with a new recipe !!
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