Tuesday 31 March 2015


Easter is just around the corner.
Here is something special that you can try during the holidays.. Deviled eggs, a real quick fix.
These cute little egg cups are stuffed with delicious creamy goodness and are perfect for any occasion.

So quick to put together, healthy and impressive.
Before we move on to the recipe, Eat as you Like wishes all its readers a very happy and safe easter.. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

To make deviled eggs

You will need :

5 hard boiled large eggs for 10 Deviled Eggs
3-4 heaped tablespoon sour cream
1-2 teaspoon mayonnaise

2-3 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese, more for garnishing
Seasoning of salt and pepper as needed
1-2 teaspoon parsley/chives(finely chopped) extra for garnishing
3-4 tablespoon diced bacon (optional) extra for garnishing.
1-2 tablespoon chopped red capsicum for garnishing


Step 1: Grease a non-stick pan and heat on medium. Add the diced bacon (including extra for garnishing) ,fry until cooked and light golden.

Step 2: Cut each egg into half. Scoop out the yolk from each half and place in a seperate bowl. Set aside the egg cups.

Step 3: In the same bowl add sour cream , mayonnaise, seasoning, herbs, cheese, fried bacon pieces and mix all ingredients well with a spoon.

Step 4: Arrange egg cups (halved egg whites) in a serving platter. Spoon the above egg yolk mixture into each or alternatively, Transfer into a piping kit and pipe the mixture onto the egg cups.

Garnish with more herbs, cheese, remaining bacon pieces and red capsicum.
Serve these as entrees or finger food. They make great kids snacking any time anywhere.. more so perfect for all ages..

Happy Cooking!

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