Tuesday 14 April 2015


Jellies are such fun, and to be honest there is no age bar to enjoy jellies. More so,
with these little chocolate frogs in the pond they are a treat indeed!
Super easy to make using store bought ready to make jelly crystals. Simply gorgeous for your little ones birthday party!
Here is how I made them:
You will need :
Ready to make jelly pacs: Using packet direction make jelly or follow the simple step as I did;
I used Aeroplane Jelly Lite: ready to use jelly crystals(lime flavour)
1 sachet (9gm) from the pack will make 4-6 glasses 500 ml jelly
Plastic party glasses/martini glasses/or wine goblets 4-6
250 ml boiling water
250 ml cold water
measuring cup
4-6 freddo chocolate frogs
edible stars or sugar pearls to decorate(u can get them in the baking aisle of your super market)
One sachet of 9 grams from the pac will make 4 -6 glasses (500 ml) depending on the amount of jelly used and shape or size of glasses.
1.Pour 1 sachet into a bowl or a saucepan
2:Now add 250 ml boiling water.
3. Stir to dissolve completely
4. Mix 250 ml of cold water
5. Pour into glasses or molds to set
6. Refrigerate
The above procedure and measurement is just a guide and is only applicable for the kind of pack used for making jelly. Please always follow packet direction in order to get perfect result.


7. Now after about 45 mins or so once the jelly starts to set insert the chocolate frogs halfway into the jelly as shown in the picture. 


8: Decorate with edible stars and sugar pearls just before serving

No Birthday party is complete without Frog in the Pond Jelly. Such simple treats to bring a smile on your little one's face!


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