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Piri Piri Chicken. Yet another mouth watering, blazing and droolius post truly inspired by our  test buds, cravings, temptation and all things crazy.
 Needless to say how much we loooove this Portuguese grilled chicken. By the way, if you are not aware the name Piri Piri comes from the African bird's eye chilli.
Super, duper hot these succulently juicy chicken on bone is certainly not for the weak hearted. We have been huffing and puffing but yet licking on to our fingers !! 
And with homemade piri piri sauce is soo much better since you make your own playing around with spices and herbs simply the way you like it!

Certainly, you may customise this recipe to match your own taste. If you are not a chilli lover take it easy and make it a mildly spiced marinade. Or else make it absolutely child friendly, with a hint of  chilli, add more of the herbs and lemon juice. The bird can be grilled on the Bbq or oven, whatever convenient.
A perfect Friday night dinner for two to relax  and enjoy with  a glass of wine. Bliss!! (don't forget to put your cookies in bed first ;))
All you need to do is marinate atleast 24 hrs or one day ahead. Mine was marinating for 48 hrs. The recipe is very simple, with almost every day ingredient. I have used whole chicken, skin off as my butcher did not realise I had this recipe on the cards. Lol. This post is quite an impromptu one.
By all means leave the skin on as crispy grilled skin on chicken is absolutely delicious and holds on to all that flavour from the marinade, keeping the bird moist.
Okay, lets take  a look at the recipe.
So what I did with this bird:
1 whole chicken (skin on), you may also use thigh portions as well simply arrange them in skewers before marinating 
Clean ur chicken and pat dry.
Some feta cheese to serve, some more coriander and mint for garnishing along with lemon wedges.
For the marinade and sauce:
10-12 Birds eye chilli (use less or more acc to ur choice)
A couple of whole bird's eye chillies
11/2 Red capsicums (use 2 if using small ones),roughly chopped, cores removed.
4 cloves of garlic
3 teaspoons of smoked paprika.
1/3 cup oil (you may use olive oil)
juice of 1 lemon and 1 lemon halved
1/4 cup of coriander and mint leaves
25ml red wine (optional)
1/3 cup vinegar(you may also use "red wine vinegar" and omit "red wine")
salt and pepper to season.
BBQ tongs, griddle pan, roasting tray and aluminium foil, BBQ brush
Cutting board, a sharp knife and kitchen scissor
Step 1: put all ingredients above (mentioned under marinade) in a saucepan, and bring every thing to a boil. Simmer for 5 mins , turn off heat. Allow the mixture to cool. Blend to a smooth marinade. Reserve 1/3rd of it to serve with your grilled chicken as sauce. Use the rest to marinate your chicken, setting aside a little for basting the chicken from time to time with a brush while it's grilling.
Step 2:
If using whole chicken, spatchcock or butterfly your chicken and lay it flat on your roasting pan.
Spatchcocking is a technique where you cut along the middle of the bird , either side of the back bone. The backbone is removed completely for the chicken to open up like  a book to lay flat on the grill or roasting tray. The cooking time is significantly reduced and the bird cooks evenly without drying out too much.  
I have used a very simple technique to butterfly my whole chicken. You will need a wooden board, a sharp knife or kitchen scissors. Placing the skin side down  of the whole bird on the board I have cut along the ribs/joint on the opposite side for the cavity to open up. Now turning the bird skin side up and gently pressing with the heels of my palm to flatten the chicken. Well, that's all I needed.(will add a demo pic soon)
Coat your chicken on both sides with generous amount of marinade, rubbing it all over the bird , every nook and corner. Cover with  a foil and let it rest for 12 hrs. Refrigerate.
 After about 12 hrs turn your chicken to coat the other side in marinate. Cover with foil and refrigerate once again. Marinating for atleast 24 hrs is highly recommended for the best tasting Piri Piri Chicken.If pressed for time you may even marinate for few hours.

If using a BBQ Grill skip Step 3, 4 and 5
Step 3: Now preheat your oven  at 200 degrees or your Bbq grill on medium and simultaneously preheat a griddle pan on the hob. 
Step 4: Place your marinated whole chicken, skin side down on the preheated griddle pan until golden and charred on one side.
Step 5: Flip and turn the chicken on another side.
Step 6: Now place the whole chicken on the roasting tray and then under a hot grill.
Throw in lemon halves and whole chillies. In between keep basting your chicken with leftover marinade or sauce with a BBQ brush.
Roast both sides for 15 to 20 mins max.

(Tips : If you are worried about cleaning your roasting pan: soak it in hot water vinegar, dish washing liq solution and scrub with stainless steel pad. It wont be shiny as new but will help remove the greases)
the meat should be ready to fall apart. Tender juicy and soo delicious! Rub the lemon halves and chilli flakes on to the chicken once cool enough to touch.

Your Piri Piri Chicken is ready to serve.

Serve immediately with the reserved Piri Piri sauce, some feta cheese (to balance the heat), garnished with some extra herb, chilli, and lemon wedges. Sensational!

Fire up your taste buds with this Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken, and enjoy your Friday!!

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